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Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

Central Florida
According to local custom, the area or region [#] of Florida that consists of the eastern portion of the central section of the Florida Peninsula, centered around the eastern Interstate-4 (I-4) Corridor.

Why isn't the “western portion” included? That's their local custom. See Tampa Bay Area.
[Note #: Thus, the wordy 9-syllable phrase “the Central Florida area”, with its 4 needlessly redundant syllables often heard over the local entertainment & news media, demonstrates that the local media are clueless that as a geographic name, “the Central Florida area” (only 5 syllables) implies both “region” and “area”. ]
Orange County
The most populous county in the region popularly labeled ‘Central Florida’.

Orange County is home to many of Central Florida's best-known attractions & facilities for visitors, including:
Its adjoining neighboring counties:
The most populous city, and the county seat, of Orange County, Florida.
Orlando Latin Mass
The only traditional Latin Masses in or near Orlando --or anywhere else in all of Orange County-- are celebrated at Sacred Heart Traditional Catholic Church, which is situated in the midst of Orlando, about 2 miles from Orlando City Hall.

Thus, it may come as quite a surprise to a reasonable Web-surfer, especially a Catholic planning to visit Central Florida, that the Web-site that identifies itself as “Orlando Latin Mass” (OLM) is not affiliated with a chapel or church that's in or near Orlando, nor even in the same county as Orlando [†]. OLM is affiliated instead with one that's actually situated in Sanford, a few blocks from the shore of Lake Monroe, which is roughly 20 miles north of Orlando City Hall (as the birds fly).

OLM has no affiliation whatsoever with Sacred Heart Traditional Catholic Church.
[Note †: The primary entry for this topic on this Web site is on its (separate) information-sources Web page; the essential practical points are summarized herein in case a Catholic planning to visit Central Florida arrives on this page directly from search-engine results. ]
Situated on the southern shore of Lake Monroe, Sanford is the northernmost city and the county seat of Seminole County. Sanford is roughly 20 miles north of Orlando City Hall (as the birds fly).
Seminole County
Seminole County is the northeastern adjacent neighbor to Orange County in central Florida.

Seminole County is home to a few of Central Florida's attractions & facilities for visitors, including:
Its adjoining neighboring counties:
Tampa Bay Area
Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties, which surround most of Tampa Bay, are certainly geographically qualified to be considered part of ‘Central Florida’. They are in the middle of the West Coast of the Florida Peninsula, and at the western terminus of Interstate-4. But this region focused on Tampa Bay, especially the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area, prefers not to identify itself with either ‘Central’ or ‘South Florida’; it identifies itself instead by its signature body of water, as the “Tampa Bay Area”. The T.B. Area arguably includes Manatee County, which completes the bight exiting Tampa Bay on its S.W. 

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